Finger Jointed Laminated Boards

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Finger Joint
Laminated Boards

Finger Jointed Laminated Boards can be used to make joinery material, beams, table tops, parquet flooring and other panel applications. Finger Joint Laminated (FJL) boards are made from smaller solid pieces of wood, finger jointed and compressed together to produce the standard length. FJL panels are joined at the length and width. FJL boards offer a solution to increase the shortage of solid timber panels. The timber is kiln-dried to a moisture content below 10%, planed and ripped to thinner strips. These strips are finger-jointed after colour matching to the desired lengths and then edge coated with special resins which can withstand boiling water tests. The coated strips are edge laminated applying pressure from the sides AND top in a composer press to form panels. These panels are sanded to produce finished solid lumber panels. Machining these panels can be done exactly the way solid lumber is machined.


We have three types of FJL boards

Rubber Wood FJL Boards

Teak Wood FJL Boards

Pine Wood FJL Boards