SYP Wood

SYP Wood

Description :

Southern yellow pine wood is one of the principal sources of softwood products in the United States. Not only is it strong, stiff, and dense, but it also has the ability to hold nails and other fasteners particularly well, which makes it a great choice for residential and commercial construction. Southern yellow pine wood has a unique cellular structure, making it one of the preferred species for pressure treatment. In fact, southern yellow pine wood makes up nearly 85% of all pressure-treated wood produced in the United States. Plus, its distinct grain pattern and appealing golden color make it a great choice for anyone looking to showcase its natural beauty.

Because of its competitive pricing, thriving supply, and the established market preference, southern yellow pine wood use continues to grow. Many companies use southern yellow pine in the manufacturing of trusses and other construction framing, modular home and deck construction, and in pallets, crating, and other packaging.

Typical Uses :

Joinery, domestic flooring, railway sleepers ,Railroad ties, heavy construction, bridges, mine timbers, decking, boxes, crates, pallets, particleboard and pulp. Turpentine and resin are also produced from the wood.

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