Canadian Wood

Canadian Wood

Canadian Wood embarked on its journey in wood with nothing more than passion and commitment grounded in professional ethics, to offer world-class, sustainable wood products to quality-conscious, discerning designers and clients in India. We have established ourselves as a reputable brand for engineered wood throughout the Indian subcontinent thanks to our hands-on culture and a keen awareness of actual client demands. Canadian Wood takes pride in who we are and strives to get where we want to be. introducing Indian characteristics to a global perspective that expects the greatest production and timber.

Western Hemlock

This species is consistently seasoned in dry kilns to increase its stiffness and strength as well as its resistance to rot and insect attack. Western Hemlock wood is renowned for having an even grain that is great for machining.

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is prized for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it the ideal material for massive structures. It has superior sanding, staining, and painting qualities.

Yellow Cedar

Due to its natural extractives, yellow cedar has a fine texture and straight grain, making it a decay-resistant wood. For external purposes, it is frequently employed.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is one of the most economical wood species. It is the perfect choice for outdoor applications due to its remarkable working qualities, which include inherent resistance to termites, rot, and decay.

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